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Thema: Coding more for 0.0.9 :) Replies: 2 posts
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Autor Thema: Coding more for 0.0.9 :)  (Gelesen 822 mal)
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« am: 21. 03. 2009 23:37 »

Hi elkuku, i am trying contact with you.

I like easycreator, i think that it is fantastic idea for easy and fast developing.
Today i download new version 0.0.9, and was developing new feature in your code (sorry for it).

Now, i have one element for "Add element" list, where i can create "complete table admin", it is... controller, class table, database table, models, views, etc.
It create the files with published, ordering, etc fields, and all automatic, using your classes and methods.

I would send my code to you, and you can try it.
This code has any bugs, but work (i want to finish it tomorrow) so you can to see it, because my english is bad explain me Wink

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« Antworten #1 am: 13. 04. 2009 17:43 »

Hi hidabe,
very sorry for the late reply - i was off for some time, just checking the most "important" stuff..

I received your e-mail and I will review your code as soon as possible - promise Wink

Just had a quick look, and it looks very good. I think it's fantastic when other people make modifications of the code to improve it or to add new features - that's the power of open source.

...because my english is bad...
Si tu español es mejor - no te detengas Smiley


Nikolai -
Easy-Joomla Team

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« Antworten #2 am: 15. 04. 2009 19:56 »


I thought that you dont had received my email Smiley

I tried build my code like you actual structure and coding component, i have added "<!-- Hidabe add -->" or "// Hidabe add" or "/* Hidabe add*/" comments to my code for help you when you review it.

Very thanks, I agree opensource adventages, about my english, i try to learn it writing and using google translator, but I should to study it Smiley

Un saludo!
« Antworten #2 am: 15. 04. 2009 19:56 » webhosting
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