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Thema: Ampersand problem in code editor -> EasyCreator 0.0.11 Replies: 2 posts
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Autor Thema: Ampersand problem in code editor -> EasyCreator 0.0.11  (Gelesen 1287 mal)
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« am: 30. 09. 2009 04:30 »

Hi, im a newbie in developing Joomla Components. EasyCreator did significantly sped my time in learning and generating the skeleton of extensions...Great work guys! On the otherhand, the easycreator 0.0.11 got me stuck at the beginning of the coding Code editor strips off everything after an code got lost which ended me rewriting all of the missing code. Below is a snippet....

Code Block Sample:

class HelloViewHello extends JView
   function display($tpl = null)
      $model =& $this->getModel();
      $greeting = $model->getGreeting();
      $this->assignRef( 'greeting',   $greeting );


After clicking the Save button, it still displays correctly. But, if you close the file or clicked another code file then returned to the previous coding (which was saved), everything starting from the ampersand is no longer there...see end effect below...

class HelloViewHello extends JView
   function display($tpl = null)
      $model =

I've tried registering a project and created a new project, both has the same problem. If the code is just being viewed, code is not stripped off but once you click the save button, codes get stripped off starting from the ampersand.

BTW, I'm using Joomla 1.5.14 on a WAMP platform. WinXP Pro, Apache 2.2.10, MySQL 5.0.67 (UTF), PHP 5.2.6

Is there a patch for this problem...Really need to continue using EasyCreator.

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« Antworten #1 am: 26. 11. 2009 02:08 »

sorry for the late reply..

It is a known problem which will be fixed  for the next release..

Very sorry for any inconvenience..

Problem is, that they are very little beta testers available to hunt for errors before a version gets released.

If you would like to do some beta testing, you can get informed about unfrequent svn snapshot from our incubator newsfeed.

Happy coding,

Nikolai -
Easy-Joomla Team

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« Antworten #2 am: 22. 12. 2009 12:41 »

elkuku Great, thank easycreator, great components ThumbsUpHändedruck
« Antworten #2 am: 22. 12. 2009 12:41 » webhosting
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