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Titel: v0.0.13_RC1 does not list multiple plugins with same file name
Beitrag von: kenmcd am 06. 06. 2010 10:22

It appears that EasyCreator v0.0.13_RC1 does not list multiple plug-ins that have the same file names.

I was trying to use EasyCreator to package the AllVideos Reloaded component, module, and 3 plug-ins.
 - register the component = OK
 - register the module = OK
 - register the content plug-in - OK
But now the system plug-in and the editor button plug-in are no longer listed for registration.
My guess is because all 3 plug-ins have the same file names that EasyCreator cannot differentiate between them.
The system plug-in, editor button plug-in, and content plug-in are all named:
 - avreloaded.php
 - avreloaded.xml

To test just install the AllVideos Reloaded v1.2.6 bundle and attempt to register all the plug-ins.
Download here:


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