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« am: 21. 05. 2009 22:56 »

I'm using easyTemplate 0.3. I prefer it over Content Templater since this can be used in editors of other extensions as well.

There are a few modifications I made to better suit me:
- I added an option to define the name of the button. A hard coded EasyTemplate refers to the makers, not to what it does.
- I added an option to toggle the display of the footer. And I also immediately turned it off. The footer is way to tall and geeky. No footer is how it should be.
- I added proper buttons for insert and cancel. The way it was done really stands out, in a negative way.
- I re-arranged, re-formatted and changed the title of the pop-up. I removed the hard coded coloring, and made the title the same as the button. My code now ensures a visually more peaceful look and a larger portion of the screen dedicated to the templates, which is what matters.

These were all small local modifications. There are additional changes I would very much like to see:
- Variable replacements. Not the useless - really, it is - stuff which I touted as being "custom variables". You cannot replace the same string twice, and you can not define a default value. I suggest to implement "custom variables" as follows.
use for example the template
<h1>About <easyvar>name</<easyvar></h1><p>All hail <easyvar>name</<easyvar>. <span style='color:<easyvar>color</<easyvar>;'>better <easyvar>whatever</<easyvar> remain silent <easyvar>whatever</<easyvar> appear fool</span></p>
Below the editor one can add a list of variables, together with some tooltip and a default value. For this example:
name "The famous person or group you want to hail" "the striped socks"
color "a CSS color" "magenta"
whatever "what - ever - you - like" "&bull;BE SURE TO REPLACE ME!&bull;"
Using variables like this would be a vast improvement and would cause me to finally make use of them.
- The editor should be a wysiwyg one.
- The preview in the pop-up window should be dynamically updated via javaScript.

I truly hope more work will be devoted to this very helpful extension. Very much looking forward to it!
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« Antworten #1 am: 29. 05. 2009 06:35 »

please have a look at: http://forum.easy-joomla....ndex.php/topic,774.0.html

Variables are getting smarter - slowly - no replacing more then onec the same name and no default value so far, but we are working on it Wink
geeky footer has gone ;(
js update of the preview..

I have to confess, that I am more a coder than a designer.. If you could contribute something for a more "peaceful" look - would be really apreciated.

Thanks for your great feedback,

Nikolai -
Easy-Joomla Team
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