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Thema: Suggested Feature: Permissions on Template Categories Replies: 1 posts
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Autor Thema: Suggested Feature: Permissions on Template Categories  (Gelesen 111 mal)
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« am: 16. 05. 2009 06:49 »

I'm putting together a site where we're keeping various posting permissions fairly strictly regimented- and while I want everyone to be able to use your wonderful plug-in to make embedding easy, it would be very nice if I could set certain categories of templates to be only usable by some groups. (In particular, I'd like Publishers through Administrators to be the only ones who can use them for embedding media through the plugin we are using for that.)

I know that of course, the very code/computer skilled will figure out how to manually use the code strings, but it would mean that the basic users wouldn't be able to do it, while our mods and administrators would be able to do it without having to constantly look up the references for the commands and hand-implement them =)
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« Antworten #1 am: 21. 05. 2009 05:48 »

Hi bakafox,
very nice suggestion - makes sense.
I'm shure we can implement that - with some time Wink

Has been included in our ToDo list Smiley

thanks for your feedback,

Nikolai -
Easy-Joomla Team
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